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We are a team of career transition experts who specialize in designing resumes that reap powerful results.

Our combined skill set of Human Resource and Graphic Design ensure our job seekers receive professional, targeted and modern resumes that capture an individual's unique skills and expertise. We know the world of recruitment well and our model is one that incorporates this understanding in our resume design to further maximize a job seekers chance of success.





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Middle Aged Woman

RR restored my resume recently. Working with them was a great experience!  In a very short time my resume was current, concise, and looked great. 
Don’t take just my word for it - the feedback from the people reviewing my resume was glowing too. In fact, one of the two interviewers went so far as to congratulate me on having such a great looking resume. Out of the 500 resumes he reviewed for the position, he said it clearly stood out as the best one he had seen.
If you want to have your name and resume stand out from the crowd, I can’t recommend Resume Restoration enough.

APEGA Member, P.Eng., PMP

Male Portrait

I highly recommend Restoration Resume! As an HR professional I know the importance of a well written and designed resume. However, when it was time to dust off my resume and begin applying to new opportunities, I found myself unable to articulate my skill set in a condensed professional fashion. In hopes of putting more life into my outdated resume I turned to this company. Clementine worked closely with me and was able to help highlight all relevant and relatable skills. Erin’s formatting gave me the assurance that my resume will stand out in a crowd.
I now apply to all high level positions with confidence. To anyone who is considering making this investment I can ensure you it is worth it!


Attractive Young Woman

In fact, it would be irresponsible of you NOT to speak to them before submitting your resume. 
As business owners, we haven’t needed to create a resume or CV for over 10 years- and the standard of what a proper submission is has changed so dramatically! 
Our experience with Resume Restoration was positive from start to finish. Simply said, they are absolute professionals. They got us rolling right away. From the first email, to the zoom call, to the design and edits - the whole process was smooth, seamless, and so easy. 
We also had a tight turnaround time which they were able to meet with time to spare. 
We needed this resume completed for a very specific opportunity and needless to say, WE GOT THE JOB!!


Mature Businessman

I enlisted the help of Resume Restoration in updating and restoring both my resume and cover letter. The process of doing so was smooth, enjoyable, and personalized! Clementine helped me 1-on-1 with the content, wording, and writing of my resume and cover letter while Erin performed the digital manipulations of transforming them from a rather mundane/typical format to one of Resume Restoration’s highly impressive and customized formats. Working with both Clementine and Erin was a smooth, painless, and enjoyable process where I was given specific advice and knowledge to highlight my resume and cover letter’s content and context for the new job area/job type that I would be applying for. I applied for approximately 40 jobs in a 4-month period, heard back from over 50% of the companies which I submitted applications to, was invited to interview by 15% of the companies which I submitted applications to, and within four months was made an offer for the perfect position with an amazing company for a dream salary! Thanks Resume Restoration, 10/10!

Cameron, P.Eng.



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