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Outplacement and Career Transition Services

Leading Providers of Career Transition Services Across Canada

Organizations who provide career transition to their exiting employees protect their professional brand and reputation by promoting a positive and smooth offboarding experience. A career transition package is a cost-effective option that helps to mitigate risk, reduce stress, and provide support during a period of change. Our program provides individualized and timely one-on-one support where we leverage a strong portfolio of resources, industry knowledge, and expertise to ensure a successful transition for both your employees and your organization.


Join Resume Restoration Co-Owner, Clementine Crooks as she highlights the significance of companies providing outplacement packages in today's dynamic job market. She underscores how Resume Restoration's comprehensive packages stand out, establishing us as industry leaders due to our commitment to empowering clients during their job search and ensuring they are well equipped to navigate the job market with confidence and success.

Our Career Transition Program grants all clients access to our comprehensive suite of one-on-one services. With our deep expertise in the field, we offer individualized care and tailor each program to precisely match our clients' unique requirements. 

Available services include:

“I received terrific interview assistance and received three offers."
"I love the service so much I referred my brother. Great job and thank you for your service and time."
"The Resume Restoration team came to me at a time I was feeling really low in my career having been just laid off from a job. The time and research they invested to understand my professional history translated into a well articulated and comprehensive resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. This exercise was a confidence boost for me. The team commended me on my accomplishments and helped me to make them shine on paper.”

Connect with a team member to learn more about Resume Restoration's CTP and discuss how we can best support your organization.

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