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Partnering for Success: Outplacement Solutions for Seamless Employee Transition

Friday, December 1 @ 11:30am MST

As the economic climate continues to shift, it's abundantly clear that organizations are increasingly tasked with navigating a rising tide of terminations and layoffs each year. This surge in workforce reductions poses a growing array of challenges, from legal considerations to the preservation of a positive brand and reputation.

In response, organizations consistently turn to outplacement programs as an indispensable resource to navigate this complex terrain. It's important to note that not all outplacement programs are created equal. At Resume Restoration, we take immense pride in offering the best-in-class outplacement services and our comprehensive career transition program plays a vital role in mitigating the multifaceted impacts of layoffs, benefiting both departing employees and the organization as a whole.

We invite you to join Clementine Crooks, MA, BA, and CPHR certified Outplacement Specialist, as we delve into the pivotal role of Resume Restoration's outplacement services and explore how our cost-effective risk management strategy can serve as a powerful value-add initiative for your organization. Discover how we can turn challenges into opportunities and make this journey one of significant impact. Join us Friday, December 1 @ 11:30am MST for a 30 minute live webinar.

If you are unable to attend this session, please visit to learn more about our programs and get in touch.

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