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Your 60 minute or 90 minute Zoom appointment is a one-on-one strategic coaching session with an HR Specialist to review your resume, audit the content, and target it for the job you want. Once the content of your resume has been finalized, it will be sent to a graphic designer who will customize your resume to capture your professional brand and make sure that you nail that first impression! Within 2 business days you will receive your professionally formatted PDF resume in your email inbox.

Our resume service can be booked as a 60 minute or 90 minute appointment. We encourage you to assess the state, length, and complexity of your resume. We suggest the 90 minute appointment ​for individuals who are applying for technical or executive positions and/or have a 4+ page resume.

*Please note, if you schedule a 90 minute appointment and do not require the full time, you will be billed for a 60 minute appointment. 

  • 60 minute Resume Restoration - $199 CAD

  • 90 minute Resume Restoration - $249 CAD

  • ATS Compatible Resume Add-On - $50 CAD


An HR Specialist will work with you to write the perfect cover letter to impress recruiters and hiring managers. Choose to have this professionally formatted to match your resume for an additional $25.

This service does not require a scheduled appointment. Please email us to book.

Cover Letter (Word doc) - $50 CAD

Professionally Formatted PDF Add-On - $25 CAD

Job Interview
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Go into any interview with confidence. This 1 hour Zoom session will prepare you for potential interview questions and teach you how to highlight your unique skills and expertise.

Book online by clicking the link below or email us for more information.

Interview Prep - $100 CAD


Let us update your LinkedIn Profile.

"LinkedIn is the world’s preeminent social network for professionals." With 660 million LinkedIn users, spread over 200 countries.

Reference: Business of Apps (2020). LinkedIn Statistics and Revenue Statistics (2020).

This service does not require a scheduled appointment. Please email us to book.

Complete LinkedIn Profile  - $75 CAD

Custom LinkedIn Banner Only - $25 CAD

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Have a Senior Recruitment Specialist in your field review your resume. Resume Restoration has partnered with industry experts who are ready to provide their feedback on how to further strengthen your application for the position you are applying to.

*We currently have Industry Recruiters in the Tech and Oil & Gas sectors. Visit our Meet the Team page to learn more about them.

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